France's leading manufacturer of aluminium moulds


Every year 3 To 5% our turnover is invested in research, developments and innovations.

Mmi, constantly watching, Studies, proposes and integrates new technologies to be recognized as a key player in its activities. Discover the new possibilities that are open to you in terms of patterns by mechanical graining technologies, controlled chemical and laser.

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Grain for mussels

After mechanical and chemical graining, laser technology now completed opens up to our business.

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Fried bronze

The sintered bronze built into the manufacture of your aluminum moulds allows you soft surface aspects imitating textile.

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The built-in mechanisms in your moulds allow designs that incorporate new functions (Clips, Hinges, Undercuts,...) as well as quick version changes.

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Virtual reality

Thanks to virtual reality, You can have a multitude of possibilities for an unparalleled project.

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Energy saving

Innovative design suitable for sleek design, incorporating technology that increases the steam passage of 300% thus promoting the optimization of the cycle.

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Technology associated with tooling for implementation, maintaining and removing different types of complex parts over-moulded with plastic inserts, Metal, composites and other materials

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