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MMI presents its latest innovation, infinite possibilities !

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The virtual reality bet

Article in the magazine "Plastilien" No.167 of May 2020

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Industrial Moulds and Models (Mmi) is one of Europe's leading, development, The design and manufacture of industrial moulds

Rich in know-how 50 Years, our areas of application and expertise are as follows: :

Injection of pre-expanded plastics PES, Epp, Epe, Arpro, PIOCELAN, ECOVIO ....
Models and prototypes
Control templates, Collage, Clipping, Forming
Manufacturing and supply of industrial equipment related to tools
Maintenance, Repair and maintenance
Mechanical parts manufacturing (unit to medium series)
All our products are made entirely in France

Industrial Moulds and Models (Mmi) shapes many materials

Here are some examples :



Alveolar moss



Composite material

A few steels

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MMI know-how

Moulds and Industrial Models accompany you from the production of the prototype to the moulding of your parts. In response to our customers' expectations, MMi makes mold modifications, maintenance, maintenance, Repairs, Tooling device supplies as well as machine output controls.

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Our means

Our human and technical means, rely on more than 40 years of know-how in the production of industrial moulds. A commercial service 4 people listening to you with technical expertise of your need, a design office, 8 machining centers and ubiquitous quality control.

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Innovation sectors

Mmi, constantly watching, Studies, proposes and integrates new technologies to be recognized as a key player in its activities. Discover the new possibilities that are open to you in terms of patterns by mechanical graining technologies, controlled chemical and laser.

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