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Thermoforming moulds


MMi is your partner for your plastic transformation processes by thermoforming in any sector of activity

Project Development Manager for Thermoforming Plastics Processing, We design and produce tools for plastics experts.

Can be used for all market sectors, Thermoforming is an economical and fast solution. To support the development of your projects, on which MMi will be delighted to be your partner.

High thickness thermoforming

60 years of experience

We have been able to draw from our 60 years of experience, advanced human and technical skills to control the deformation of plastic plates in the technique of thickness thermoforming.

Mould for car body

Suction of a plastic sheet to create shapes on a double bumper mold

Front and rear bumper mould electric vehicle for export

Mould for vehicle roof

Fine thickness thermoforming

From food to packaging

We partner with each player in this technology for the best realization, Improvement of your manufacturing tools by fine thickness thermoforming in coils.

Handling tray for electronic components

Mold for food business

Clipping templates

MMi complements its tooling production with skills in the manufacture of medium or resin clipping jigs, Suitable for your cutting machine. MMi is also able to study and deploy, Systems that optimize your industrialization and internal processes. All these capital goods are the result of a joint reflection and adapted to your environment

Support / Clipping template

Support / Clipping template

Moule PSE

PES mussels, Epp, Epe

We design and build tools for the processing of expanded materials such as PES/EPS, EPP/EPP, Epe, AIRPOP.

Our know-how allows us to adapt to your request in order to meet your expectations on different types of tools. :

Lightweight CDC

Tools with light CDC to limit the budget for casting small series

CDC optimized

Tools with CDC optimized to guarantee several hundred thousand cycles (we have to date several tools that have exceeded one million cycle without action/maintenance on our part)

specific CDC

Tools with CDC establishes specifically for molding parts with mechanisms, metal/plastic insert, surface treatment (chemical or laser graining), porous bronze and other specificities

We can accompany you and establish your CDC together, we master the different types and models of machine present on the market.
Animation of a mold assembly and expanded material process


Food (sprout trays...)
Car (under steering column, jack stalling...)
Building (Hourdi mold...)
Packaging (...)
Sports - Leisure + arts deco
Medical / Health

Examples of achievements

Below are various illustrations of tools made in our workshops

Agri-food mussel

Automotive mold

Automotive mold

Building mold

Industry mold

Leisure mold

Moule Composite

Mussels for composite materials

Material increasingly used in many sectors, The composite can be declined under different manufacturing processes.

MMi has listened to the market and done R&D by working with bio-sourced composite materials for aeronautics, Automotive and aerospace. MMi carries out high quality work for the realization of molds and tools and in the transformation of composites (silicone vacuum tarpaulin, soluble cores for hollow parts). MMi is able to machine masters for the realization of your small series.

Contributions to different parts of the A380

Final control mold for prep-impregnated

Mold for composite size 4000-2000-2000

Thermo compression tools for bio-sourced composite fibers

Leisure activity helmet

Aircraft seat parts

Mould for seat shell

Composite helmet

Made by Stand 21 with a mold made in our workshops