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MMI know-how

Moulds and Industrial Models accompany you from the production of the prototype to the moulding of your parts. In response to our customers' expectations, MMi makes mold modifications, maintenance, maintenance, Repairs, Tooling device supplies as well as machine output controls.

We also make tools for composite materials as well as small series and unit machined parts..

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Models and prototypes

Making models and prototypes in CNC for alveolar materials (Polystyrene - PSE, expanded polypropylene - EPP, Epe, AIRPOP, ...) as well as resins, Wood, aluminium and HD plastics.

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PES mussels, Epp, ...

We design and build tools for the processing of expanded materials such as PES/EPS, EPP/EPP, Epe, AIRPOP.

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Mussels for composite materials

We design and build tools for the installation of pre-impregnated.

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Equipment for moulds

We help you optimize your process with the realization of devices for tools.

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Changing, repair and maintenance

In our workshops we provide maintenance, repairing and modifying all your moulds (made or not by M.M.I.).

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Control Gabarits

Design and realization according to your CDC of control templates in different subjects.

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Small-series machined parts

Unit or small-series parts in soft materials such as aluminum, resins, Plastics, ...

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