France's leading manufacturer of aluminium moulds
Moule PSE

PES mussels, Epp, Epe

We design and build tools for the processing of expanded materials such as PES/EPS, EPP/EPP, Epe, AIRPOP.

Our know-how allows us to adapt to your request in order to meet your expectations on different types of tools. :

Lightweight CDC

Tools with light CDC to limit the budget for casting small series

CDC optimized

Tools with CDC optimized to guarantee several hundred thousand cycles (we have to date several tools that have exceeded one million cycle without action/maintenance on our part)

specific CDC

Tools with CDC establishes specifically for molding parts with mechanisms, metal/plastic insert, surface treatment (chemical or laser graining), porous bronze and other specificities

We can accompany you and establish your CDC together, we master the different types and models of machine present on the market.
Animation of a mold assembly and expanded material process


Food (sprout trays...)
Car (under steering column, jack stalling...)
Building (Hourdi mold...)
Packaging (...)
Sports - Leisure + arts deco
Medical / Health

Examples of achievements

Below are various illustrations of tools made in our workshops

Agri-food mussel

Automotive mold

Automotive mold

Building mold

Industry mold

Leisure mold