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Moule Composite

Mussels for composite materials

Material increasingly used in many sectors, The composite can be declined under different manufacturing processes.

MMi has listened to the market and done R&D by working with bio-sourced composite materials for aeronautics, Automotive and aerospace. MMi carries out high quality work for the realization of molds and tools and in the transformation of composites (silicone vacuum tarpaulin, soluble cores for hollow parts). MMi is able to machine masters for the realization of your small series.

Contributions to different parts of the A380

Final control mold for prep-impregnated

Mold for composite size 4000-2000-2000

Thermo compression tools for bio-sourced composite fibers

Leisure activity helmet

Aircraft seat parts

Mould for seat shell

Composite helmet

Made by Stand 21 with a mold made in our workshops